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Welcome to the Drifters Boat Club, for family boating fun!

The Drifters is a family oriented social boating club, comprised of membership from home ports throughout southeastern Michigan. We are a club with a full year round schedule of boating trips during the season, and land based activities during winter.

We typically have excellent variety in the ports that we visit, with destinations from the popular Lake Erie ports all the way up to Mackinac, and everywhere in between! While most trips occur over a weekend, we also offer one or two week ventures.
When it comes to our boating trips, the Drifters believe that there is "strength in numbers". If you are new to boating, you will travel with other knowledgeable members, so you can feel secure in visiting ports that you may not be comfortable traveling to on your own. And, if you have any mechanical troubles, you will have help available.
We are an active club, and the members that get the highest value for joining are those that are also active participants. On most club trips or functions, we provide some beverages and food for our members. It is typical for members that are active on our trips to recoup the value of their dues after only one or two trips. 
Dues are $60 annually. ($50 before March 1st)